Fallen Heroes Memorials

Under Former Governor Bob Riley’s leadership, LTC (ret) Al Hinson’s Operation Grateful Heart’s Office led the initial creation and development of the “Alabama Fallen Heroes Memorial” to honor Alabamians who died while on active duty in the support of  the War on Terrorism.  This Memorial is located in the Old Supreme Court Chamber of the Alabama Capitol and is one of the top tourist attractions in the Capitol Building.

The Blue Star Salute Foundation similarly created a traveling “Faces of the Price of Freedom” display to erect at Veterans Events and schools across Alabama to ensure that these brave Alabamians who made the ultimate sacrifice are never forgotten.

The Blue Star Salute Foundation now has the honor of maintaining and displaying both of these Memorials.  

Alabama's Fallen Heroes Memorial


This memorial is on permanent display in the Old Supreme Court Chambers in the Alabama State Capitol .

Faces of the Price of Freedom Display


The display is taken to Veterans Events and Schools all over the State of Alabama to ensure that these fallen heroes are never forgotten.

Alabama's Fallen Heroes Memorial Alphabetical Listing (pdf)


Faces of the Price of Freedom Alphabetical Listing (pdf)


Memorial Differences

As these displays were initially developed by separate organizations, the criteria used varies slightly. The differences are noted in the table below.


Notification of Death

We monitor public resources to discover Alabamians killed in the line of duty, so we can add them to the memorials.  Should we miss a notice and you have information you can provide us, please send us an email to hsessamen@yahoo.com.   Please include the Veteran’s Name, Rank, and Unit and date of death.   May also require proof of military service and a death certificate.